2770 Observatory has been certified as a LEED Gold building

LEED stands for green building leadership. LEED is transforming the way we think about how buildings and communities are designed, constructed, maintained and operated across the globe.

LEED certified buildings save money and resources and have a positive impact on the health of occupants, while promoting renewable, clean energy.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices. To receive LEED certification, building projects satisfy prerequisites and earn points to achieve different levels of certification. Prerequisites and credits differ for each rating system, and teams choose the best fit for their project.

There are four levels of certification - the number of points a project earns determines the level of LEED certification that the project will receive. Typical certification thresholds are:


Getting to know LEED: Homes Design and Construction

A home is more than just shelter: homes are the most important buildings in our lives. We think that every building should be a green building – but especially homes. Why? LEED homes are built to be healthy, providing clean indoor air and incorporating safe building materials to ensure a comfortable home. Using less energy and water means lower utility bills each month. And in many markets, certified green homes are now selling quicker and for more money than comparable non-green homes. Some of the most important buildings in the world use LEED. To learn more, go to USGBC.ORG.

Greiwe Development in partnership with North American Properties is working with our architects GBBN and the many sub-contractors providing services and materials to 2770 Observatory to achieve either Silver or Gold level LEED certification. The final points cannot be awarded until the completion of the building and residences inspected by an independent LEED consultant from the green building industry.

The City of Cincinnati tax benefits to each owner at 2770 Observatory has been estimated to be $180,000 in real estate tax abatements over 15 years.